Blockchain Banking Solutions – Blockchain in Banking Sector

The blockchain is a powerful technology that has potential to bring a boom in the banking & finance sector enhancing more security with high speed and excellent operational efficiency such as payments, asset management, loans, etc. under one roof. Metaverk, a blockchain development company, provides a wide range of consulting and technology services to various major banking institutions.

Banks are definitely interested in this cutting-edge technology because transactions through blockchain eliminate the possibility of human error and protect data from tampering. This quality feature attracts most of the major banks and is eager to use this technology in their banking system. Blockchain has bright scope in several essential banking activities like payment platforms, P2P payment modes, banking operations, medical records, P2P e-commerce transactions, wallet transactions, credit & debit card transactions, and so on.

Our blockchain banking software is suitable for all-size financial institutions. It is resilient and provides improved customer satisfaction with maximum ROI and enhanced security. It can be headache-freely managed using a single dashboard that ultimately enhances employee performance and client retention. We provide compliant blockchain banking solutions covering almost all major industry regulations and provide digital-first banking with mobile and web integration.

Exclusive Features of Metaverk’s Blockchain Banking Solution:

Account Management:

It is integrated with flexible account management solutions to help you efficiently manage accounts and records at each level – from the opening of an account to handling its deposits and saving and closure. All functionality required to handle accounts is provided at ease with multi-currency support and an instant banking facility.


Its blockchain-based lending feature enables users to apply for loans at various financial institutions dealing with crypto assets. With smart contracts, the application is selected, and banks that can provide the loan would further contact the user. A single software manages all aspects of the lending book cycle.

Cards & Wallets:

Its digital cards and wallet management feature helps customers by providing easy access to their money, facilitating payments without going to the bank. All forms of the transaction process: initiation, execution, notification, and settlement are handled with care, keeping the security protocols in place.

Customer Engagements:

Manage the clients digitally with a centralized application and your product catalog, providing clients easy access to your services remotely. Therefore increasing customer engagement and increasing your revenues without any physical contact.

Risk Handling:

We are there to help you with any issue and problem which arises; you have all the peace of mind. Just focus on the management activities of your bank than to worry about the risk and regulation compatibility.


We help you find the best possible solution to suit your financial infrastructure. Analyzing your business model and its use case, we help suggest the best technology feasible and suitable for your banking needs.


The project developed by our team of experts is launched at your site, and our team of expert professionals guide you and your staff on the functionality and how to use the blockchain banking software.


We provide round-the-clock assistance for your software support. And offer software updates to best suit your banking needs. We implement industry best practices to run and manage blockchain software.

Why Choose Us for Blockchain Banking Software Development:

We have helped a significant number of global banking organizations by resolving their financial record keeping headaches.

We have integrated our blockchain solutions into their banking practice to remove complexities.

Dedicated Developers:

We are using blockchain technology in our development practices to produce a highly reliable and secured blockchain application with 100% accuracy and quality assurance.

Professional Commitment:

Our team of blockchain software developers is highly committed towards the timely delivery of projects that drive us to provide more significant and exceptional services to our clients globally.

Deep-Rooted Knowledge:

Metaverk Technologies have been working clients globally on various Blockchain projects that help us to have an in-depth knowledge of this technology as per the client requirements.

Support & Maintenance:

Our round the clock presence will always address your issue with a logical solution on call. We promise you to offer quality services and complete support.

Blockchain Banking Security:

In today’s time due to enhancement in technology, hacking an account is not a big task for hackers. Blockchain thus provides complete security and also restrict various fraudulent activities, making the smooth functioning of banking activities.

Moreover, blockchain could save billions of bank cash dramatically by reducing processing costs that are now spent on a remarkably higher rate and the amount of paper that they process.

Developing blockchain banking software would be a good step to make banks increasingly profitable and valuable. All major banks are ready to accept blockchain for quick money transfers, record keeping, and other backend functions. It also allows them to track down every kind of documentation and digital assets validation of ownership.

Benefits of Blockchain Banking Solutions:

Our professionals have created a highly secured blockchain banking system that will help you to manage your accounts and transactions smartly on your finguretips.